Hello everyone and very sorry for bothering you with the last post and hope this finds you all well.
It was late last night when we were putting it together on my iPad but it actually belongs to a different blog we have started for building our new little granny flat. When I signed in on the iPad it automatically took me to the wedding in Canada blog which sent out to you all. Your replies alerted me to the error. Again very sorry to bother you with it. Technology is wonderful when it works!
We should be moving in to the new place within the next couple of months. We started the new blog so the kids could follow along but here is the correct link if you are interested  Recycled Granny Flat  and you are welcome to follow it.

Love to you all from us all.


Farewell Beautiful Canada…till next time

Slept in yesterday and woke to a glorious clear day in the Log Home at Valemount. Pancakes for breakfast and lots of laughing and chatting. We originally planned to leave early but lingered until late afternoon and enjoyed nachos on the verandah in the sunshine and more chatting. Got sunburnt actually. Left with the kids for Vancouver…spotted a cluster of four black bears (what is the collective noun for a group of bears Mark…or anyone?) grazing on a property. Paul will be proud of us.
Back at Tanya & Paul’s place in Vancouver late last night to sleep for a few hours before driving to the airport early this morning to start winding our way home. Jess, Cort & Nik drove us to the airport this morning…..a few tears and lots of hugs but we are so happy they are all strong and there for each other with an amazing family support network and our beautiful brotherhood.  
We are currently in Seattle between flights – next one to LA then home to Sydney late tonight. These are the cheap flights that fill empty planes between cities and leave the passengers in sleep debt who spend hours in transit….oops…….these two tired ol’ travellers must be getting a bit snarky at people watching in airports 🙂 !
We should be closing this blog now with some warm words of love but we find ourselves laughing at all the memories reading over it now in the airport on our way home so imagine us typing this with big grins and we will close with another big THANK YOU for the most amazing time and the love and support from you all. HUGE BIG HUGS AND KISSES. See you Aussies soon and Canadians sooner rather than later hopefully. Love you all of our family and friends (old and new). Please keep in touch Canadians!
Joe & Angie Fimmano
e    mail@brickcrete.com.au




Then When The Snow Melts……

 Mostly about the water today….beautiful creeks, lakes and a waterfall, then finishing up in the jacuzzi  back at Valemount. Mood was a  tad sombre as our very special and unforgettable  tour finished up. Poor Paul and Tanya   appear to have succumbed to our head colds but they made sure even the sunset from their log home was spectacular. Pizzas and a video  and we all headed to bed. Tomorrow the kids are driving us to Vancouver and then we depart Sunday  😦 




















Barbecuing in The Rockies

Tried to send this last night but couldn’t till now……imagine it from Thursday evening…..its Friday evening here now.

Didn’t get to tell you all about the hot springs in Banff two nights ago…….started full on snowing while we were soaking in the hot springs on the top of a mountain…..40 degrees in the spring water and 0 degrees out…..amazing.

The honeymooners joined us at our new cabins in Jasper, Alberta last evening, after we checked out of Castle Mountain Junction, Alberta yesterday. It was so nice to all be together again and we had a great time chatting about the wedding and swapping stories. And yes it is still their honeymoon so Paul, Tanya, Jessica and Joe and I are in a lovely mezzanine cabin but they booked the newly weds into their own king size room.

So this morning we started down by the river running opposite our cabin park (reminded Joe and I so much of gorgeous Porepunkah….except these mountains are HUGE!) and had our hot drinks with Tanya and Paul, chatting and admiring creation. Weather was beautiful. Jess cooked us all a delicious breakfast – fried eggs, sausage patties, re-heated potatoes and toast.

Then we set off for more wildlife spotting. Found a black bear first up! Saw a Bald Eagle’s nest and lots of four legged graziers (horned sheep, deer, elks I think) then headed up to a picnic area for a good old Canadian BBQ at Maligne Lake Road. IT SNOWED PEOPLE!!!! Seriously constant white snow fell…..we didn’t want the Canadians to think we Aussies (ok and one American) weren’t tough so we soldiered on and cooked and ate and even danced in full snow that went for probably a couple of hours. We had hot dogs and Tanya even offered up warmed cinnamon buns for dessert. A fire was started in one of the BBQ boxes at the ground and we had Paul & Tanya’s gas fire bowl to warm us as well. There was much debate among the troops at the first few flakes falling, when our own Fire Marshall Paul (thanks Rob for the tag) disappeared hunting for dry wood for the fire….we considered surrendering to the snow and retreating to the cars but we toughed it out and won a fantastic afternoon with lots of laughter and warm memories. The testosterone kicked in as we were packing up and a target snowball competition erupted – had to hit a big rock in the centre of the river….what happened at the river stays at the river folks so no winner declared :).


Joe and Cort starting the fire






got here first….my road…YOU move


ok take my picture then…..


get my best side….did you get my best side?


sure this is picnic weather in Canada….


hmmmm…..weather should be ok


sure we can do this….no big deal


we threw hot dogs on the barbie



so much fun…..seriously


its called ‘commitment’ people


shouldn’t last too long


no surrender…..no retreat


what’s that captain? you found extra ammunition?



we dug in for the long haul


warm cinnamon buns…in the snow


note snow diminishing


Oh Canada….sunshine? Really? How gorgeous


victory dancing


victory piggybacking….maybe?


and now we are five…plus lots of new family 🙂


snowball throwing…at the big rock



remember participating is winning kids